Toyota Land Cruiser 100 / Amazon, Lexus LX 470

Since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Tojota Lend Kruzer, Amazon, Leksus LX470
+ Identification numbers of the car
+ Controls and receptions of safe operation of the car
+ Options and car routine maintenance
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling of the engine, salon and air conditioning heating
+ The power supply system and release of the fulfilled gases
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Control systems of the engine and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
+ Gear change box
- Transmissionnaja line
   Kardannye shaft and hinges - the general information
   Condition check трансмиссионной lines
   Removal and installation карданного a shaft
   Replacement карданных hinges
   Privodnye shaft/semiaxes, - the general information and condition check
   Removal and installation of semiaxes, bearings and epiploons of the back bridge
   Replacement of an epiploon of a leading gear wheel of differential
   Removal and installation of assemblage of the back bridge
   Removal and installation of power shafts
   Replacement of protective covers and service of SHRUS
   Removal and installation of assemblage of forward differential
   Removal and installation of naves from a disconnected drive
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

Removal and installation of assemblage of forward differential

Removal and installation

At a corresponding complete set block differential of the forward bridge.

Details of installation of assemblage of forward differential

1 — the Right power shaft
2 — gauge-switch ADD Electroconducting
3 — the Vacuum hose (models with ADD
4 — the Tube
5 — the Branch pipe сапуна
6 — Forward карданный a shaft
7 — differential Assemblage
8 — the Jellied stopper

9 — the Sealing washer
10 — the Pillow of a back support
11 — the Pillow of the right forward support
12 — the Sealing washer
13 — the Drain stopper
14 — the Lock ring
15 — the Pillow of the left forward support
16 — the Left power shaft


1. Ослабьте wheel nuts, поддомкратьте the car also establish it on props. Remove forward wheels.
2. Remove protection картера.
3. Merge from differential oil (see the Head of Adjustment and car routine maintenance).
4. Disconnect from assemblage of forward differential карданный a shaft (see Has undressed Removal and installation карданного a shaft) and tie up its forward end to elements of a frame of the car. Disconnect a branch pipe сапуна, give a bolt of fastening of a vacuum tube and disconnect assemblage of tubes from differential (address to an illustration above).
5. Remove power shafts (see Has undressed Removal and installation of power shafts).
6. Prop up differential трансмиссионным or тележечным a jack and give fixture of support of differential.
7. Lower assemblage of differential and take it from under the car, trying not to scratch interfaced surfaces.
8. Installation is made upside-down.